As your water service provider it is our desire to provide abundant, clean water to the growing residential population of our service area and future generation. As a part of our ongoing efforts to meet development trends and future water demands of Blount County, SBCUD must replace aging infrastructure with new infrastructure that will meet those demands for future generations.

  • South Blount County Utility District is currently installing 5,400 feet of 8in water line for the Robert C Jackson Extension. This road, when completed will extend from the intersection of Robert C Jackson and Hwy 321 and end at Morganton Road.

  • South Blount County Utility District will be installing a water line on Salem Road. This new line will extend the current water line approximately one thousand feet.

  • The Calderwood Hwy project is complete. However, Mike Smith Pump Service crews are still in the area working to restore properties back to their original condition.