Beginning at 12:30 today, we will be working on Old Niles Ferry, the Calderwood intersection to Old Cloverhill. We will be out there for a couple of hours. Water will be off on Stable Crossing for a little while as well.
Thank you.


As your water service provider it is our desire to provide abundant, clean water to the growing residential population of our service area and future generation. As a part of our ongoing efforts to meet development trends and future water demands of Blount County, SBCUD must replace aging infrastructure with new infrastructure that will meet those demands for future generations.

Calderwood Highway

South Blount County Utility District (SBCUD) would like to announce the award of the Calderwood Highway water transmission main project to Mike Smith Pump Services, LLC.

The project will replace 19,700 feet of existing 4-inch water line with a 20-inch water line.

In 2010, one of SBCUD’s large water transmission line projects ended at the intersection of Calderwood Highway and Baumgardner Road. As part of SBCUD’s ongoing efforts to plan for the future, the remainder of Calderwood Highway that is in our district was identified in the SBCUD capital improvement plan as a priority for the growing county.

This water transmission line distributes water from SBCUD’s water treatment plant to the customers that are located in the north service area and will provide additional flows along Calderwood Hwy/411 and to the water storage tanks located on Ratledge Road and in Louisville.

Due to the construction area that is necessary for a 20-inch transmission line, SBCUD has purchased easements from a majority of the property owners along Calderwood Highway.

The $2.1 million project is solely funded by SBCUD’s operational fund.