Calderwood Highway

In 2010, one of SBCUD’s large water transmission line projects ended at the intersection of Calderwood Highway and Baumgardner Road. This water transmission line distributes water from SBCUD’s water plant that is located on Hwy 129 at Rail Road Bed Road to the customers that are located in the North service area. As part of SBCUD’s ongoing efforts to plan for the future, the remainder of Calderwood Highway was identified as a priority project for the next two years. This $2 million 18-inch water line project will replace 19,700 feet of existing water lines, with construction projected to begin in August 2018, and completion in 2019. Due to the construction area that is necessary for an 18-inch transmission line, SBCUD would like to purchase permanent easements from property owners. The permanent easements would be 20 feet in width on most properties and would parallel the state right-of-way. Please refer to the following map to see if your property will be affected.

Friendship Way & Hitchhike Trail

We are pleased to inform you that South Blount County Utility District will be starting the installation of the new water line on Friendship Way and Hitchhike Trail. This project will consist of 3600 feet of 6 and 4 inch PVC and will replace the existing aging infrastructure. This project is scheduled to begin in November 2017, and will be completed by the Utility’s employees.
Driveways that are asphalt or concrete will be bored. All other properties will be restored back to original condition or better condition once the work is completed.