Beginning at 12:30 today, we will be working on Old Niles Ferry, the Calderwood intersection to Old Cloverhill. We will be out there for a couple of hours. Water will be off on Stable Crossing for a little while as well.
Thank you.
The South Blount County Utility District (SBCUD) is governed by a three-member board of commissioners, appointed by the Blount County Mayor, who serve four-year terms. The commissioners handle all fiscal, policy, and procedural aspects of the organization. The Board of Commissioners meet the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the conference room of our office located at 808 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway in Maryville Tennessee. The board meetings are always open to the public and customers and community leaders are encouraged to attend.

Left to Right - Ray Evans (Vice President), Virginia Morton (President), Lee Gowan (Secretary/Treasurer)